Friday, October 23, 2009


This is unbelievable.

It saddens me how people think they can treat animals. It saddens me that the people in this situation thought they were in the right. It saddens me that CNN reported that "it is unclear what caused the bear to attack."

Unclear?? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the bear was taken from his natural habitat and forced to wear fucking ice skates. 

Just a guess. 

And also, HE'S A BEAR.


Melba Toast said...

As tragic as this is I side with the bear! We humanoids need to learn a lesson. Speaking of... did you read the latest rollingstone article on the pacific garbage patch? It made me sick. I am going to live with the bears! (Sans the skates)

ParkSlopeJohnny said...

You think THAT's bad??? I watched some undercover pig farm video on HBO last night that literally made me cry...and I'm a big, macho New York dude!

By the way, since you're such a grammar should refer to the bear as "its" not "he/him". "Its" gender-neutral.

David Mack said...

Book 'em, Lou. One account of being a bear...

Anonymous said...

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