Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Let Mechanics Drive All Over You

If you don't own a car, I love you.

But if you have to own a car, here are some tips on how not to get scammed by a mechanic.

1. Know your shit. (I took a one day class on basic car mechanics through a local community college. So now when I go to the mechanic, I still have no idea what's going on, but at least I can drop fancy terms ala Marisa Tomei in MCV.)
2. Research. If Danny McGreaser tells you that you need a new crank sensor, look up how much that should cost before committing to anything. Wikipedia, kids.
3. Ask for a discount. You'd be surprised what asking can do. Most places will offer at least 10% off with no hesitation.
4. Don't bring your man. Some girls think this makes them less likely to get taken advantage of. But no mechanic wants to be emasculated in front of another dude. And you WILL emasculate him.
5. Wear jeans. If you wear your slutty miniskirt, they won't take you seriously, and you'll get scammed even more.
6. Wear a push-up bra. I mean, c'mon, I'm not an idiot.


David Mack said...

I don't own a car... so you're sayin' there's a chance!?

Doug said...

wikipedia is the worst.