Monday, August 10, 2009

Literary Death Match

Do you love literary readings, but hate standing in a crowded Barnes and Noble next to a guy who smells like feet?

Then check out the Literary Death Match. Smart, funny writer types compete in an all out battle!

The next one is tomorrow night here in LA. And I'll be a judge! For more info, and to buy tickets, go here.

I promise to be nice and loopy, too, from sleep deprivation. I've been super busy this week shooting a pilot for Comedy Central called Midwest Teen Sex Show, based on the super popular web shorts. Yay for sex and comedy!


Marc said...

Midwest Teen Sex Show is the 2nd Funniest show on the Internet. Of course, Mayne Street is #1, right Alison?

But seriously the skits they do are really funny.

Corey Hayes said...

Good luck on the pilot!

uppermanagemnet said...

i do not approve of this

Anonymous said...

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