Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He Did It!

So psyched that these girls are home. Way to go, Clinton!


Marc said...

That approach worked for now but I'm afraid it won't last.

That may have just been a test.

I figure my Son and about 100,000 of his Marine Corps friends are gonna be over there before too many years.

The harsh reality is that they don't play by our rules and they are smart enough to know we are becoming "weak willed" in this country.

Much of the world is predatory in nature and is waiting for us to show that we don't have the stomach or guts to fight. At that point the animals will take over and we will be at their mercy.

If you don't believe that statement they you need to turn off your TV and Internet news and spend some quality time with some of our Servicemen who are in the middle of it.

I'm not a hawk, just a realist...

Sebastian X. said...


Its actually the inflated military-industrial complex that has pissed people off around the world, while wasting taxdollars for no real purpose other than fighting Cobra Command. Last time I checked the U.S. Military has gone around invading nations, marching on people's property, and setting up needless bases around the world. How would we like that? When was the last time our home soil was invaded by another nation's military?

These days the real "servicemen" doing legit nitty-gritty work for our nation are the diplomats in the Foreign Service, engaged in cross-cultural exchanges and genuine conflict resolution beyond the my-cock-is-bigger-than-yours ethos of the past eight years.

Out of curiosity, how much time have you and your son spent around other cultures? How many stamps on your passports? (Being on a military base abroad doesn't count - thats like going to a Club Med.)

Your apocalyptic assessment that "the world is predatory in nature..." is just pure bogus.
As has been shown this year, when you reach out with an olive branch - as opposed to an AK-47 - to other nations, you're going to get results. The Axis of Evil stuff has already fallen flat - first with Iran, now N.Korea. This is just the beginning.

No need for the typical jarhead pre-game to rile up the boys. Our world is becoming one home, and its a shame that folks like you and your son are still working with an archaic US-versus-THEM worldview.

Come join us in 2009, will ya?