Friday, August 28, 2009

The Devil


It's effing hot out. Drink some water.

If you don't, you'll wind up fucking up an otherwise hilarious scene that you're shooting because your body temperature will suddenly sky rocket, your vision will go blurry, your hearing will sound weird, and you will have to get on all fours to prevent yourself from passing out. This happened to me today. Kinda scary. Not fun.

Skipping breakfast was probably not a good idea, either.
But how else am I supposed to stay skinny???


Brandon said...

You don't have to skip breakfast entirely. Just make sure you throw it up later.

Just_Scott said...

Try eating a apple, always helps me when I have to work out in the heat, or i'm hung over.

Hope you feel better.

Marc said...

You are fortunate you were not hospitalized. No, extremely fortunate by your symptom description.

You must hydrate 24 hours prior or it is too late. When you described skipping breakfast it compounded it because your blood glucose level went into the tank too.

Eat fruit and yogurt in the a.m. and avoid alcohol as it exacerbates the situation.

You could have gone into renal failure also.

Everyone jokes about it until it happens to them. If your body temp reaches level above 105 degess f. brain damage is almost a given.

Take care of yourself, we would like to keep you around awhile.

The diet tips will be for another day.

David Mack said...

I'm sorry, I didn't get anything after you were "down on all fours"... I would like one bus pass and a Caesar salad...

Corey Hayes said...