Tuesday, June 16, 2009



The FDA announced that consumers should stop using one of my favorite products, the over-the-counter cold remedy Zicam, because it can cause a loss of smell in some people.

Guess who's a little skeptical?


I've used Zicam every time I've started to notice a cold coming on. And every time, it has made the cold go away within a day or two. As for this chick, she doesn't seem to be too informed on how to even use the product. You're not supposed to swab "a few times." With homeopathic remedies, you must treat early and regularly. You're also not supposed to shove it up your nasal cavity. You're supposed to just touch it to the slightest inner part of your nose. Read the directions.

While we must be VERY wary of herbal remedies (because they are not regulated), this particular "scare" reeks of interference from some big pharmaceutical companies who were probably losing money on the chemical-rich "remedies" they are manufacturing.

Of course, maybe they can't smell the rat. But I could. And I use Zicam!

Have you guys used it? Have you had any bad side effects? Let's discuss.


SF said...

is this stuff addicting like afrin was?

not like i know, but, um, i've heard

WhothrowsaShoe? said...

. . . like eating a baby. . .

Martin Sargent said...

I just deal with my malady without medication until it subsides.

knowitall said...

Dont get me started...
this is so clearly a power grab.

its actually alot of BS...this is a 'homeopathic' product. That means that the amount of zinc used is so minute, dilluted to the equivalent of ONE drop into an OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL

Whether homeopathics work or not is another question...but FOR SURE this "warning" has nothing to do with the product

The people who use this product are individuals with certain issues and by nature a number of them will lose their sense of smell.

The FDA didnt even investigate the complaints ..

Just because a govt agency says something doesnt make it true.

actually, smells fishy. ha!

thunderpoet said...

Okay, so apparently it is NOT homeopathic when it comes to the concentration of zinc, which is what seems to affect the smell receptors and can cause, theoretically, amnosia. You are, of course, right, Alison, about how it is to be used which would seem to keep it well away from the smell receptors.

I am in Mexico where this stuff will probably sell for the next 50 years no matter what the FDA does. I picture sniffling Gringos crossing the Rio Grande at night, eluding dogs and bandits, sneezing in the starry night huddled beside scrub and cactus waiting to make a desperate run from the empty lot across from the farmacia.

"Ay, jes, ju wahn ZiCAMA. Theese stuff ees vehry dangerus, ju unnerstand? We have coke, meth, crystal, steroids, but I must go to the back room for theese ZiCAMA swabs! Don't sneeze all over my product while I am gone!"

allowmetoretort said...

"apparently it is NOT homeopathic when it comes to the concentration of zinc"

oh, its homeopathic alright. "Zincum Gluconicum 2x" - is only 1/100th zinc

Anonymous said...

i only use sudafed knocks the fuck out of my cold, its more addicting than zicam or anything else out there on the market. certainly makes you breathe better, as for zinc they put that shit in cold-eeze and cepacol

Anonymous said...

I used this stuff for colds until I read about the loss of smell & stopped, but that was like 5 years ago. Never had a problem. Now I take Airborne (okay, Walgreen's generic "Wal-Borne" but same thing)