Sunday, June 21, 2009

Noon Madness

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was Midnight Madness. It was a about a crazy scavenger hunt. Since then, I have loved scavenger hunts and large scale games.

My senior year of college, my friend and I competed in a scavenger hunt that took place throughout the campus of Georgetown. The way to acquire the highest amount of points was to get a near-impossible photo taken with Westy Bird (a local politician who - for some reason or another - had some bad blood with Georgetown students). We did one better. We actually BROUGHT Westy Bird with us to the finish line. It was awesome. (Two notes about this - 1. Westy turned out to be a nice lady. And 2. Geiger, if you're reading this, you still owe me one of those round trip airline tickets that we won. You son of a bitch.)

In any case, I'm a sucker for a good game.

This past New Year's, I went to Miami with a group of friends for a fun party. The following day, we were hungover and had no plans, so I suggested throwing together a scavenger hunt. Next thing we knew, boys were walking through the hotel lobby in bikinis, penthouses occupied by strangers were being visited, and pies were being thrown in people's faces, all for the sake of Victory.

This weekend, I asked some friends to participate in LARF, a large scale competitive game that takes you through the city of Los Angeles - on foot - in a fast-paced race of speed and smarts. It was SO FUN. We cracked codes, got clues from strangers, and had such an amazing time. If you are visiting LA, or if you live here, I highly recommend trying this out!

And yes, we won. We also set a new record. NBD.


TVBlogster said...

You can do these hunts in New York too. I once participated in a hunt where we raced through the Museum of Natural History. So. Incredibly. Fun.

ajgentile said...

One word: "FAGA BEFE"