Sunday, May 3, 2009



Chris Serico said...

Soon you'll be cruisin' the Strip in this bad boy with the vanity plate "WTF GO."

aaron said...

Yeah, you know what? I'm sure you could ride around in a paper car that would get six million miles to the gallon... But what happens when you're in an accident? Or a strong crosswind?

Being in a shitty electric vehicle (like a smart car) doubles your chance of a auto fatality... And triples your chance of lifelong celibacy. No thanks, engineering nerds!

albex said...

Hi Aaron-
This car actually surpasses safety standards of automobile manufacturers, and has an impressive crumple zone.
Oh, and Smart Cars are gasoline powered, by the way!
But, if I had my way, SUVs would be banned anyway so all cars would be near the same weight and much, much more energy efficient.

Doug said...

An interesting article about a recent study that claims electric cars are not as green as many think.

Seems a bit agenda driven. There is definitely some issues with introducing the electric demand with these cars. The electric grid is already so fragile that we do need to be careful going forward. One of the major points in the article is about the after work electric demand already is a stress point and would be further so with millions of electric cars. We need to look at ways to efficiently handling surge demands on our electric grid. This is already a field that many new companies have been born. Some companies are working with major store chains to help reduce their electric demand when the grid is stressed.

Dennis said...

albex, your heart is in the right place.

only thing is, there are major health concerns due to the proximity to such strong electricity (think microwave oven)


On the bright side, you can still safely plant a tree and give someone a hug.

Anonymous said...

No, this car is a complete joke and will never see the light of day in any country, especially USA.

It's way to small. Where will I put my groceries? And where will my two small children sit?

There's nothing wrong with trying to save the environment, but functional solutions for the average American family are also vital. I have a growing family and two dogs. They all eat lots of food. That's why I own a SUV.

Some of these activists need to get a grip on reality. Or at least see outside their bubble.

albex said...

Doug, the key is lessening our dependance on any one form of energy. We need diversity with automobiles, just as we do with powering our homes.

Dennis, I'm not sure who's telling you that, but microwaves are very short waves of electromagnetic energy. This is different from the "standard" electricity used in cars, or for a light bulb. Also, keep in mind that these cars, in particular, are not only available as electric models. What's innovative about them is their unsurpassed aerodynamics. Even powered by regular gasoline, they are just far more energy efficient. This is important no matter what fuel you're using.

Anonymous - if you can only fit your groceries into an SUV, you might be buying too much and/or be overweight. This car holds up to 250 pounds of groceries. It's perfect for short trips to the grocery store. And, if you really think you need an SUV (if, for example, you live in the mountains with snow), there are hybrid models available. Please remember that people concerned about these issues are not being selfish. They're concerned for *your* well being, too. And they are trying to think of the Earth they are leaving behind for those two small children of yours. We owe them more than a feeble try. We must learn new ways to be functional because the ones we have aren't working. They are simply not good enough for the future your children, or mine. Also, you spelled "too" incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

I take it Albex also "believes" in global warming. Either way, she's right. This dwindling resource we depend on is beyond vehicles...plastics, clothing (nylon, polyester), paint, etc are manufactured with oil. Throw in the damage it does/will do, it makes you question our use and continued dependence.

I'm fairly confident that when our "reservoirs" are depleted it will be abrupt and without warning, creating a state of emergency.

Dubya meant it when he said jokingly, "it's not OUR problem". The children are fucked, royally. It's sad that the "savior" hasn't taken enough action to prevent that. So much for the paradigm shift!

(sorry if this is convoluted)

Corey Hayes said...

Yeah Anonymous! When are they going to make saving the environment easy so that we don't have to sacrifice anything! I want to have my kids, and my dogs all in a large car all at the same time! Tough shit polar bears!

Anonymous said...

Electric cars will never happen if they keep making cars that look this stupid.

A three wheel scooter car that I could crush with my bare hands. Just plain silly.

I love it when the guy gets in the car and says it's "somewhat comfortable". What a ringing endorsement!

Somebody call Billy Mays, or Vince Schlomi. They got a new piece of crap to hock and sell for three easy payments.