Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Recommendations

1 - If you're in LA, you must check out Point Break Live! If you've never seen the movie Point Break, stop reading this and go hit yourself in the face 300 times. Because you're an idiot.

If you HAVE seen the movie Point Break, check out this show. It's exactly what you think it is....the movie Point Break, but live. In an homage to Keanu's unparalleled acting skills, Johnny Utah is portrayed by a different audience member every night.

I went with 10 of my friends last Friday, and to our surprise, Gary Busey was attending that same evening. He shot us all with a super soaker as we laughed, but also silently feared that he might snap, and start throwing live grenades into our beers.

2- Unrelated, but if you can still find the movie Obsessed in theaters, do not miss out. It will knock your socks off. I shamelessly enjoy this genre of movies: bad thrillers aimed at a female audience. (Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Sleeping with the Enemy, Red Eye, etc). The cinematic formula of the lady-thriller does not disappoint. Awful, and awesome, all at once.

Seriously, guys. Obsessed? Total awesomeness.

I was worried that the irony would fly right over the heads of Los Angeles movie goers, but after the first giggle from the audience, we all knew we were on board.



WEWard said...

Haven't seen PBL, don't live in SoCal, but I've heard many a tale about it.

+1 for jumping out of planes without a parachute!

David Mack said...

I played the infamous Johnny Utah in PBL! It was a little over a year ago, now. Couldn't believe my luck. I also got free Tecate from the cast for my efforts. Certainly one of the highlights of my life, easily beating out my appearance as an extra on the final episode of Friends...


David Mack said...

P.S. I remember seeing Rebecca de Mornay at Dan Tana's one time. My first thought... well, my first thought was Risky Business, but my second thought was The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. She was clearly pissed that she hadn't been seated yet, and I thought she was gonna steal the maetre d's asthma inhaler as revenge... it worked out in the end though. I hope she enjoyed her Chicken Parm.

Bill said...

2nd time today I've read "awful and awesome" in someone's opining (after checking they said "awful and hilarious", so close). First time was in reference to the Mr. T infomercial for Flavorwave.

Edward Straton III said...

Funny, I just saw Point Break the other day and was quite sad on how sexy the Swaze was looking in '91 and how long ago that was. Speaking of the Swaze, I'll take a Road House Live show over ANY other "Live" show any day! "Thought you'd be bigger..." Simply amazing!