Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Road Trip

Last week I drove across the country. I'm not one for cars in general, but since I bought my very first car THIS YEAR, I figured my carbon footprint has been small enough to warrant me enough credits to take a road trip or two.

And it was so fun! We saw the Natural Bridge in Virginia, line danced in Nashville, went to Graceland, saw an old friend in Santa Fe, walked into the Grand Canyon, stopped along historic Route 66, and ate lots and lots of unhealthy food. We even visited Harley and Annabelle in Oklahoma, who offered us a beer, gave us life advice, and asked us to take a photo with them in their bed.

If you're planning on doing the trip anytime, I highly recommend www.roadsideamerica.com
Whenever you're in the mood to see something random, just type in the town you're in, and a few options will come up. Unlike a lot of other sites (ahem, Blogspot), this one is flawless on a Blackberry.

Overall, it was an awesome time.
Here's a convo from our trip:

Me: The news said there's a tornado warning in effect.

Alex: I'm sure there's not going to be a tornado.

Me: But look how windy it is!

Alex: Don't worry. There's NOT going to be a tornado.

Me: Are you sure?

Alex: Yes.


Alex: Oh shit.

Me: What?

Alex: A Tornado Chaser van just pulled up next to us.


David G said...

great site!!

Turns out I live near Lou Costello's statue!!

Rocky said...

I miss road trips and earthquakes. You're one lucky gal! BTW, love the blog.

Alison M said...

You seem to be attracting natural disasters girl!

Brian said...

Hey, thanks for posting that Roadside America website. I'm planning a trip to Oregon soon, and that site gave me a few ideas! Have a good day!

seye said...

What kind of car did you get?