Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayne Man

Guys! For those of you who care, we are shooting a second "season" of the Emmy-nominated (for real) ESPN web series, Mayne Street. I think they're going to be rolled out at the end of this month.

I'm psyched with the response from this show. I can't believe how many people have come up to me on the street and said how much they love this web series!

Thanks so much for watching!

Check out old Mayne Streets here.

(This shameless promotion has nothing to do with the fact that ESPN just gave the whole cast free HD Flip Cameras. Well, maybe a little.....)


Anonymous said...

I am stoked for this!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the Webby.

skippy said...

I care. Congrats. Those webcasts are fun.

Anonymous said...

Mayne Street: better than 95% of the crap on TV

Eward said...

FlipHDs are cool.

I need to upgrade mine. I have an older SD model. :(

albex said...

DO IT. I had an old one, which I loved. But these new ones are boner-worthy.

Randy 92109 said...

Great news. I thought the first series had a lot of potential. They all look like fun to make; plus you are great in that format. Sure that helps in getting gigs like Parks and Rec.

Anyway, stumbled onto this blog kinda through "Mayne Man"

Marc said...

Mayne Street is off the hook. Your entire cast has a great dynamic.

Everyone seems to fit and it is way more hilarious than most of the garbage on TV.

Keep going, you got it going on.

AAAWalrus said...

Just wanted to say that I've been lurking around this blog for some time in order to occasionally share your cool sense of the absurd with friends, but I'll be honest, I couldn't place your face for the longest time. When I saw that you were doing a "Season 2" of Mayne Street, that's when I remembered where I "knew" you from. Great work, and looking forward to the up and coming webisodes! (Emmy-nominated? Really?)