Thursday, April 16, 2009


Photo from after Dark Matter last night.

Now, let's discuss Twitter. Yay, or nay? Please share.


Morrica said...

Yay. Most definite yay. Lots of fun, nice people and very relaxed.

EWard said...

Nay. Over-commercialization is imminent. It won't be the same in 6 months, pft, 3 months.

It was once the "cool thing" but now it's like an obligation to fans of those that are stalk-worthy...and that's what it's become. A place where "normal" people can follow famous peoples' every move.

EWard said...


Diego said...

Hi Allison.

This is Diego from last night's programme.

I say you might want to embrace Twitter NOW before it get's too out of control.

Right now (specially if you've got an internet-capable mobile phone, it will allow you to interact with people in a way you've never experienced before)

Follow Dave and a couple other mates for a while to see if you like it.

Take care xx

alex soto madrigal said...

i say try it out.. if it doesn't work out.. then just dump it. I'm honestly still trying to get used to it.. i'm not nearly as frequent on it as dave navarro.

Anonymous said...

EWard, you are a dumb hayseed.

It can't be over-commercialized if you choose who you follow. If someone you follow gets too spammy, you unfollow them.

Josh(ua) Treece said...

I vote Yay. I've been on for a little over a year. It's pretty cool and another sweet way to communicate.

prbuz said...

Your writing and humor are perfectly suited for Twitter.

You stand to be a rock star peep. Try it. Also, I love TweetDeck on the Mac.

Doug said...

Micro-blogging could just be the end of civilization as we know it.

Actually what will really stop twitter is the fact that they have no real business plan or model.

They have no conceivable way to monetize. Subscription based will kill twitter as no one will pay for the right to twitter nor follow tweets.

Twittersucks said...

Doug gets it.

Andrew Kornfeld said...

do it. Aziz Ansari will shout out to you every five minutes, that's how that dude rolls

CSJeff said...

Yeah - but be selective about who you follow... Read their Bio and a lot of times you can just tell they will be annoying.

and follow Rainn Wilson whatever you do... That guy is a riot.

Also Recommend Steve Buscemi.

Anonymous said...

No...just say no to Twitter. Honestly, do people really have that much time? Get out and find something more constructive to do. Travel and see the world for goodness sake.