Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just received some terrible news. Today, my friends Heather and Mike lost their little girl, Maddie.

I can't begin to explain how cute this little girl was, how she was always smiling, or how Heather and Mike are the two nicest, funniest, smartest, best parents/friends/people you could ever meet.

If you're not one of the bazillion people who reads Heather's blog , you should know that she is nothing short of awesome, and I can't quite wrap my head around why this is happening. I just saw them less than 2 weeks ago and Maddie was blowing kisses and laughing. There is a dull cloud of shock hanging overhead. I can't believe this is real, and I can't stop crying, and thinking about what Heather and Mike must be feeling.

Please, take a moment to send your prayers their way. And please make a donation to The March of Dimes in Madeline Alice Spohr's name.


Anonymous said...

I can't begin to imagine the pain their in. I can't imagine life without the warmth of my daughters around me. Very sad.

corey said...

wow. my heart goes you to them and you.