Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Part of the Solution

Here's a small do-good task for your Tuesday afternoon:

Research your local recycling program. It will take only a minute, and I garantee you'll be surprised at what you can (and can't) recycle.

I did this in New York a few years ago, and learned, for example, that I could recycle clean alumimun foil, but I couldn't recycle plastic yogurt containers. Who knew?

Obviously, recycling helps us all. And making sure you're recycling the right materials (in the proper manner) saves the city time and money.

Since I just moved to Los Angeles, I went on the city's website to see their recycling guidelines. I learned that I can recycle plastic bags, but not light bulbs.

Each city is different. Check it out! And once you've done that, your good deed is done for the day. So, you can go slash someone's tires, and your karma will still be unscathed!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

recycling is ok ...but imo giving money online to feed families in africa (or anywhere...just more bang for ur buck) really does something (just $1 can feed someone for FIVE DAYS!!!) thats nuts!!!

if my math is right $6 will feed that person for A WHOLE MONTH!!!

or locally, give away any clothes you dont use often enough ...makes someone else look fabulous (maybe get more confidence get a job ....) and makes room for some new stuff

and while were at it ...hold a door open for someone and withhold anger from someone you disagree with are annoyed by or think is evil.

now THATS good clean fun!!