Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miracle Berry

Has anyone else heard about this? It's a rare berry that you eat, and it alters your taste buds temporarily. For about an hour, anything you eat (lemons, vinegar, grapefruit, etc) tastes incredibly sweet. Supposedly, it's pretty bonkers.

The berries are hard to come by. You can have them shipped, but they are very perishable, and I'm trying to find someone who sells them in New York so I can throw a miracle berry party. Please let me know if you hear of any place that has them.



Anonymous said...

try these:

this store sells them in nyc:


thinkhesfunnierthanheis said...

its called sugar.

Anonymous said...

NYTimes article about it.

JustinMartinez said...

Alison becker is the prettiest girl alive :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooo. I tried the miracle berry tablets today. The lemon was amazing!

paul said...

Yo Becker, I read an article about this Berry yo speak of. Reportedly the bartender at PDT is experimenting with this amazing berry. Maybe you could check it out there