Sunday, January 25, 2009

Master Plan

If I were an old person, and I won one of those scratch-off "$1000 A Week For Life" games, I would totally find a young person (like, for example, me) and cut a deal with her.

I'd give that person (for example, me) the ticket to cash in. Then I'd ask her (for example, me) to pay me $1100 each week until I die. When I do die, she (I) could continue to keep the $1000 each week.

That way, I get more money each week than I won, and the young person (me) still makes a profit in the end, assuming that she (I) doesn't die young.

Think about it. If I were very old, and lived - let's say - for another 10 years, the young person (me) would rack up about $52,000 in debt in those 10 years by paying me the extra $100 a week. BUT, she'd (I'd) earn that $52,000 back in only one year.

And, from then on, she (I) would be set for life!



Jose said...

That's a really good plan. How did you come up with it?

Acetrader said...

You were so great on Boiling Points!!! Loved it when you would hit on guys to piss off their girlfriends!!! I didn't even know you were on VH1 or I would have watched a "video countdown" show! Ummm, are you really lookin' for help w/ an apt? I know one of the "Jackass" guys....that could be interesting!

Anonymous said...

great idea , exceptyou forgot one thing.

Anonymous said...

If u need money why don't u ask everyone who reads ur blog to send u a hundred bucks?

Anonymous said...

According to the NJ state lottery Win for Life game, you are guarenteed a million dollars, even if you die early.