Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Won't Stop!

This episode was fun to shoot because this is the scene that I auditioned for the project with.

Mayne Street has gotten about a bazillion hits so far. We're psyched!


seanlb said...

i thought "oh- maybe i'll post my favorite line in alison's blog comments."
then i thought
"OMG! i can't type that fast!"
so i only got three down.
"it is a shout out!"
"i would make pudding for you."
"i went to a really good college."

the pudding one is out, it isn't as good as the others. the last one is good b/c it makes fun of upper class snobby white people.
the "shout out" wins by a landslide b/c it is classic Mayne, under the breath and over the top.

Ming said...

mayne street is hilarious, keep the episodes coming. Is it always going to stay in the short format or are you guys going to extend it?

Brett said...

I friggin love the show. You do have a rat's nest on your head.

Christian said...

Hi, Ms. AB. Fellow Jerseyan, lover of things funny, and grammar Nazi here. Just wanted to point something out: are you aware that you have a doppelganger in Pam Adlon? Petite, brunette, thespianic tendencies...you should do something to prevent people from confusing you two. Suggestions: grow a foot taller, dye your hair blonde, kidnap Pam Adlon. One of these three should do.

Daniel said...

Absolutely hilarious. Mayne was always one of my favorite personalities on ESPN, and you all show a great chemistry on these shorts. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

1. I saw Kenny on the street the other month and he had the exact facial expression on that I expected he would. So good job getting his actual demeanor onto the show and staying true to his "character."

2. When can I see you perform at a local NYC comedy club?

3. I was reading this article today and I thought of a funny sketch for you guys to do:

I think you should make a satirical piece about the long-lost third Ripken brother, Jedediah Ripken, who never made it as far as single A because it turned out he was adopted.

It helps that Kenny kind of looks like what a third Ripken brother could look like. I'm just saying.

Dan Coyle said...

"I'm thinking about the CHILDREN, dammit!"