Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cage Free

Check out this package of dog treats. I think it's pretty rad that they even make dog food with a conscience. It's time we started paying attention to where our food comes from. Cage-free farms do not support the cruel and unhealthy practices that are seen in many of the farms where our food originates.

But, one thing did confuse me about this bag. "Veggie Life?" Maybe I skipped that day in kindergarden, but is chicken a vegetable?


Teddy Ball Game said...

I know I'm not blazing a trail here when I say that I don't "get" cruelty-free farms. At the end of the day, they still kill the chickens. Even if the method used is killing them with love and affection...they still die.

This is my first visit to your blog. After watching Mayne Street and visiting your original website, I'm seriously considering becoming an internet stalker. Smart, funny, and attractive is a great combo. Keep it up!

skippy said...

Cage free, as free as the wind blows.

As free as the grass grows.
Cage free to follow your pet.

skippy said...

Oh and Teddy, I was the internet stalker first, so go check out Tina Fey's Blog! :-P

Teddy Ball Game said...

God, I do love me some Tina Fey as well.

I have such self-loathing for my Fey-scination (You see what I did there? I combined Fey and fascination...these are gems, people!) because our personal politics differ so vastly.

But it all goes back to the smart, funny, attrative trifecta. How can you trump that?

And Skippy...I don't know a better way to throw down the gauntlet in blog postings, so I guess I'll just have to smack you with an "Oh, it's on!" for internet stalker supremacy.


As a matter of personal expression, I choose to abstain from those colon, slash, "P", emoticon type of things (for an example, see the end of your second post). As such, simply know that I'm giving you proverbial finger by, literally, giving the finger to my monitor. Viva la freedom de expression!


Holy crap...this is maybe the longest blog posting ever, right?


I just noticed that my screen name indicates that I'm a fan of Red Sox baseball (and my name is actually Ted) and that you are a fan of peanut butter. It occurs to me at this moment that you may have the internet stalker upperhand.


Ted - stop writing.



Cornol Sanders said...

Sorry to interrupt your "stalk-off", but I need to say something about the chickens. If the stupid chickens weren't ment to be food, they wouldn't exist in the first place. Cages or no cages someone pass me a drumstick!

o.k. stalkers, you may resume.

Sean said...

I just started reading your blog after finding out who you were from the "Mayne Street" episodes. It's great to see that you are aware of the cruelty found in most "factory farming" operations. I wanted to pass along the website of my wife's company:

They are a non-profit, accreditation group for cage free and organic farming practices ti name a few. Please check them out when you get a chance.