Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hey guys. I'll be doing a bit tonight at the UCB Theatre in NYC (11pm show). It's free! I haven't written it yet....and I go on in 4 hours....but, I'm sure it will be hilarious, so come on by!


PS- OBAMA!!!!!!!


christine said...

I wish I'd seen this sooner or I would have come! How did it go?

christine said...

...I meant THEN I would have come. (grammar mistake. :@) ) Please post again to let us know if you do this again! I'd love to see you. I'll bet you are really funny live.

Boy In Box said...

i saw the performance and to be completely honest .... she was AMAZING!!!! ...super hot,funny, loveable,kindhearted and more.

Anonymous said...

hahaha boy in box that was hilarious. lovable? kindhearted? chilllllll