Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little PSA

I'm not sure what this says about my hosting abilities, but The Vh1 Top 20 Countdown that I hosted last week with my dog Dignan was one of the highest rated since i've been on the job.

I think i'm going to let him take over.

I can't believe how many emails I've gotten about him! So, to answer your question: Dignan is a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). But, he's a full-sized Yorkie (NOT a teacup). He looks different than other Yorkies because I cut his hair short.

Now, here's the thing, guys....Teacup Yorkies are super cute, but please do not buy one. They are bred fast and irresponsibly and have many health problems. Consider getting a full-sized Yorkie (like Dignan) instead.

If you are interested in getting a dog, please visit your local shelter. There are thousands of animals who need a home. If you do not find a match at the shelter, contact a responsible breeder. Do NOT purchase an animal from a pet shop. They are all cute, but these animals are bred in small cages in puppy mills. You will be supporting an unhealthy and cruel system.

And please remember that you are responsible for taking care of a living animal. Make sure you're ready!

That said, Dignan is fucking awesome and having a dog is the best.


Doug said...

Kudos. Thousands of dogs are harmed at puppy mills. Do not support puppy mills and either adopt a puppy or go to a responsible breeder. Go see where the animals come from. Make sure conditions are suitable.

Dan Coyle said...

I really appreciate what you wrote here, Alison. It's important to make sure that you're ready before owning a dog.

dog owner said...

its so important to care about dogs. more so than humans.

Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

The fact that you named your dog Dignan makes me smile. Bottle Rocket might be one of the most amazing movies in the world.

As a future reference, I may have to remember to steal that name for my own dog in the future.