Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mayne Street!

I'm off to a vacation in a foreign land for a couple of weeks, but before I go, I thought I'd leave you with a SNEAK PEEK of the hilarious new webseries, Mayne Street. I had such an amazing time shooting this series in August with a talented, hilarious group of people. Check it...full series coming soon to


Lucas said...


This is a great clip and I look forward to the future ones. You play your role perfectly...excellent work.

John Athayde said...

I like the "throw her in the east river" comment. Are the ESPN guys editing this? (Swany, Jenna, et al)?

kzfone said...

You're very good in this.

I'll post the video on my blog which is on the sports media.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Are you also in that commercial ??? I didn't know you opened a store.

beacon444 said...


Hi! I'm a big fan of your VH-1 show and watch it every week. I tried to watch this video and it says its no longer available. What's up with that? Would love to see it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here's another promo since the one that AB posted has been removed.. (I have no idea if this is the same one she posted)

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