Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Back..

...from Asia.


Here's some stuff I learned:

When you're in a communist country, don't put a bottle of homemade rice wine with a cobra floating in it into your checked baggage. They'll find you.

If you get caught with a bottle of homemade rice wine with a cobra floating in it at the airport in Hanoi and brought to a scary back room, don't try making a joke. They won't think it's funny.

Don't ride through a small village with 3 people on a motorbike meant for two. Especially if the driver doesn't have a license, none of you speaks Vietnamese, and none of you is wearing a helmet. Why? Because one of you will get arrested.

Don't hire a limo driver for the day in Bangkok just because it's cheaper than it would be in New York. He will assume you are a millionaire and only take you to expensive jewelry outlets.

Don't sleep on the 24-hour trip back. You'll find yourself awake at 4am the next evening on your blog.

1 comment:

erikbutrick said...

welcome back you liberal hag, missed your blog, loved you in z rock the last couple of weeks , keep up the great work and the funny blog.

ps : when is mayne street on again?