Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Alison Becker Day!

OMG. Today was such a thrill. The city of Cincinnati presented me with an electric guitar with a portrait of me, a custom Bengals jersey, a funky hat from the King Of Funk, Bootsy Collins, a bust of myself hand-carved from Ivory Soap, and an official proclamation from the Mayor declaring today Alison Becker Day.


Cincinnati is the best!

On an unrelated note, I'm also on the cover of the current issue of Steppin' Out Magazine. Check it out!


Sean Beauford said...

Happy Alison Becker Day. If you're still in Cincy you should go to this restaurant Indigo and get an "Idaho". It's like a baked potato pizza. It'll change your life.

where the ladies at said...

Ok!.....whfehew...(panting...out of breath)

i just got inside to City Hall...

where is evrybody now!?!!!!?

why do i keep missing evrything!

Anonymous said...

I saw your picture on the Geno's cheesesteaks wall of fame in Philly. You got prime real estate, right next to the order window

Jessie said...

You are awesome! I was at the news conference and am a dedicated fan :) I can't wait to see the show this weekend!

Raymond (Buz) Buse III said...

Thanks so much for visiting Cincinnati. We enjoyed hosting you and seeing you at work first-hand. We hope your enjoyed the bathtub scene at Arnold's and your first Cincinnati three-way.

You are the best! And many thanks to Anthony, Chris, Marisa and Paul; what an incredible production team.

All of Cincinnati is looking forward to the program. Thanks again – Buz

Clara said...

Hi, Alison!

Many thanks again for visiting Cincinnati. We look forward to showing the world what a dynamic city we are!

We certainly enjoyed rolling the red carpet out for you (literally) and meeting with the rest of the crew at Twist. We hope you enjoyed the rest of your shoot and will come back and visit us again.

Mayor Mallory's YPKC