Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank You, Mac, for Putting All the A-Holes in New York City in the Same Spot

Guess what idiot thought today would be a good day to pick up her repaired MacBook from the Apple store?

Me, that's who.

I have never seen such a collection of admitted scenesters in my life. I mean, the iphone is nifty and all, but do you really need to wait in line for FOUR HOURS just to be one of the first to have it? Just to show off to your friends tonight?

Just wait a day or two and there won't be a line!

Let's do everyone a favor: If someone shows you their new iphone today, please laugh laugh laugh.

And then drop it in the closest full pint of beer.


Katie said...

I know someone who waited in line to buy one and I totally laughed in his face!

Stewart Moncure said...

Jeez, you think someone couldn't siphon those sad souls off into another line away from the people who had REAL things to do...
Speaking of which, can this new iPhone get great reception ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE? No? Then I'm not hanging anyone for that long for just a phone.

albex said...

katie, i want to buy you a beer.

Katie said...

haha anytime. Yay for free beer. You rule!