Monday, June 2, 2008


I rarely plug my Vh1 show, but try to catch the last airing of this week's episode (tomorrow at 8am). I did the show with Bret Michaels, and we had a great time. I even got to go onstage during his concert and yell, "WHAT'S UP BILOXI???!!!!!"

Also, if you're ever in Mississippi (which you probably won't be), you should definitely have Chuck Kelly do your hair.

He's honestly better than anyone at any of the New York salons.

At hair, that is...


ajgentile said...

You did a remote in a great city. I want to hear about the local music, the food, the history.

Instead: I know where to get my hair done.

I won't know where to eat, but I'll look pretty!

Someone from Seattle said...

I've spent some time in Biloxi. Used to be a great resort/tourist spot before Katrina. It's on it's way back, though.

Eat at Shady's. Don't go to Boomtown Casino. Mississippi is more fun than people give it credit for.