Friday, May 23, 2008

Charity Auction

Go here to bid online for celebrity-donated items. Proceeds benefit a great organization called Clothes Off Our Back.

Search for "Becker" and bid on a Vh1 gift pack!

Seriously....please...can someone bid more than $40 for a t-shirt autographed by me? This is embarrassing....


(Auction ends May 29th.)


ajgentile said...
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ajgentile said...

As a former employee of VH1/MTV, I am reluctant to bid on items which I could have stolen for free.

Maybe if you knit something, or write some dirty limericks in the planner, I could go $50.

(Unless Mom beats me to it)

Anonymous said...

I never knew about this site, thanks for pointing it out. So what bid would make you feel unembarrassed?

ByBF said...

i tried but it won't let me bid $42.00


jason said...

ditto. minimum increase is $3. that's bullsh*t. :-P