Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warm it Up, Dude-Bros

I love the first warm day in New York City.

Girls are out in cute outfits and everyone looks great.

Creepy guys haven't flexed their dusty cat call muscles in months. They're rusty and out of practice.

This is all one dude managed to get out today:

"Grr...*whistle*....mmmmm..tomb raiderrrrrrrrrrrr..."



Anonymous said...

yah your a sexy tomb raider girl!! except ur boobs aren't as big as those oversized juggs!

Mark said...

Never been to NYC and I've never played Tomb Raider, but springtime in Atlanta just means allergies and all the weathermen talk about POLLEN COUNT which is so bizarre to me. Of course I don't have allergies so it doesn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

o.k. i'm kinda here as a fan but these other dudes are kinda creepy in a charlie manson type of way so....