Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Take a Number

Good news: When I found out that I'm in the April issue of this magazine.

Better news: When I found out it's the issue about "65 Beautiful People."

The Best news: I'm not one of them.


Anonymous said...

exciting, my copy just came! im going to cut you out and keep you in my wallet. a match made in heaven

Mark said...

I'm going to buy this magazine, and if I ever get in a magazine I'll try to send you a copy too. I can't promise anything but because I'm not famous and have no career to speak of, most likely the only way I'll ever get in a magazine is if I become the victim of some horrific and bizarre accident like getting mauled by a circus lion and People magazine or one of those grocery store tabloids does an exploitation piece on me, in which case I'll either be dead or too busy healing to remember to send a copy to you. I know that sounds unlikely but it's more likely than my getting spontaneously beautiful and famous. Anyway congratulations! YOU RULE!!!

Anonymous said...

Call me CrAzY, "Mark", but I do foresee a full-feature article on you in the upcoming installment of "The Adventures of The Run-On Renegades vs. The Cantankerous Commas." (I keed...I keed...)

Anonymous said...

That is the only true problem with this Anti-Blog. The implied pressure to leave grammaticly correct comments is overwhelming.
Often I will just skip leaving a post as not to anger our hostess.
Go Buckeyes!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Grammer is good....for me to poop on!