Friday, March 7, 2008

Even the Press Thinks I'm Jewish

As a comedian in New York with many Jewish pals, a lot of people assume that I'm Jewish too.

But I'm actually not.

And now, it's getting weird. Even Variety is putting me in Jewish roles that I never played.

(I was actually the non-Jewish Long Island girl in this film.)

Maybe I'll convert and get my pic in the trades more. Word!


Jess said...

While yes it could in part be because you are friends with a bunch of Jewish comedians, I think it is more probable that everyone thinks you are Jewish because you look quite Jewish. Being a Jew myself, I obviously don't mean that negatively. I think it's just your dark hair and the color of your complexion combined with your features.

Hey whatever works, right?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oy, vwhat a dilemma! It really puts a pain in my schmoizka! Dont vworry about it. Jews are vwonderfully beautiful people. But if the misconception puts a moishka in your schkitza, starting vwearing a santa hat everywhere. Shalom!