Thursday, March 13, 2008

Date Old Prudes

There's a recent study that's all over the news about STDs in high school girls.

Evidently, one in four high school girls has a sexually transmitted disease. This is way up from the stats when, say, our parents were in high school, and even way up from when I was in high school.

So, I'm thinking, the younger the people you date are, the more likely you are to sleep with someone who has an STD (and keep in mind that most people who have common STDS do NOT even know that they do!)

However, the older the people you date are, the more partners that person is likely to have had. So, their chances of having an STD may be higher.

Therefore, the best conclusion, I've realized, is to date older prudes.


Anonymous said...

and stay away from elliot spitzer!

Brad said...

so is that an offer ms. becker?

Jerell said...

Comedian, actress, sex ed teacher, Alison Becker.

BCA said...

It's my understanding that those numbers are a bit off thanks to one Mr. Glen Quagmire whose comment on this story was simply, "Giggity."