Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Am Moving In With A Boy!

After years of living with a one or more roommates - or with a boyfriend - I am finally getting my own place and sharing it with my favorite boy.

His name is Dignan. He weighs 10 pounds, he's covered in fur, and he's fucking adorable.

My roommate is moving out, so I'm keeping the place to myself. So, now, instead of sharing a shitty, east-village-adjacent, pre-war 2-bedroom apartment, I will have my VERY OWN shitty, east-village-adjacent, pre-war 2 bedroom apartment.

I plan on doing mild remodeling because I am only staying here for a year or so. So, send me your ideas for cheap, DIY decorating tips or your favorite color schemes or home furnishing stores.

This one's mine:

And, this has great info on sustainable furniture:



Jules said...

Target is the way for me.

BCA said...

Alison, we've never met, but I've gotten a feel for you from your blog, and I think I hit the nail on the head with this one, no need to thank me :)

Anonymous said...

your blog makes me laugh.

takethat said...

hey brooklyntim

your face makes me blog.

Mark said...

I just got an Elvis (P) bobblehead and then got laid off and it sucks. The getting laid off sucks I mean. The Elvis bobblehead is freakin' awesome. When you shake it you can kind of hear him going "Uh-huh, uh-huh, theeg yooo verah much" But I'm 41 and divorced and raising two kids and most women assume I'm gay (totally not, btw) so having useless crap lying around is one of the only ways I have of amusing myself. Thanks for caring.