Sunday, January 13, 2008

If I Ever (Fingers Crossed) Become a Catskills Comic, I Will Use This

Aesthetician: Apply both of these creams nightly to your face.

Me: Which one do I apply first?

Aesthetician: Always remember: the thin one first, and the rich one last.

Me: Just like husbands!


Anonymous said...

Which reminds me....

I need to find myself a sugar momma to pay the cable bill this month.

Anonymous said...

baby i want you so hard!

Shecky Green said...

don't forget to tip your waitresses.

try the veal.

anyone here from Jersey?

is thing on?

Nellie Ann said...

oh. my. god.


(Can I use that for the blackouts I have to write this week?!)

Anonymous said...

thats weird and i dont get it, oh yah ur lookin hot on that vh1 web junk 40 show!

M Klompus said...

You got talent kid. You're going places. But you need representation!

That's right, i said it, representation. and that's where i come in.

Max Klompus agent to the stars. Representing the great and near great for over 32 years.

what do ya say kid, you in?

oh yeah and ur lookin hot.