Tuesday, November 27, 2007

your welcome?

Here's a dilemma.

I get so many nice messages from people who see me on tv, writing me to say the nicest things that anyone could ever want to hear.

And I am flattered, gracious, and appreciative of their comments and emails.

But, for every 100 nice messages I get, I get one not-so-nice one from someone who doesn't like a show I did, a joke I made, or just the way my teeth look or the way I hold a microphone...you know, real stuff.

I've noticed 2 things in all of this.
One is that mean people's comments are ALWAYS left anonymously. How brave.

But, the 2nd thing is far more interesting.

I've noticed that the vast majority (but not all) of the nice comments read much like this:
"your great"
"your hilarious!"
"your so pretty!"

And, the mean ones read like this:
"You're not great."
"You're not hilarious."
"You're not pretty."

Notice who has the correct grammar.
I guess the meanies have time to proofread because they have no friends?

For those of you who are nice AND have good grammar, you are my FAVORITE!


Nellie Ann said...

aww. I think you're great AND I have good grammar. BLAM!

I've gotten a lot of mixed messages myself, and I've come to the conclusion that the meanies are just big geeks who are typically jealous and insecure and have lots of time on their hands....and a dictionary.

Eh. Fuck em'

eric from brooklyn said...

First and foremost, I have good grammar.

I also have many friends, and to be honest, I DON'T have that much free time on my hands. I think you are witty at times and this blog entertains me every now and then when I remember to look at it while bored at work.

However, I do not find you the slightest bit attractive; though it's mildly possible that if you didn't talk yourself up SO much all the time, I might just a little bit.

eric from bk again said...

Oh yeah, and I'm not anonymous! I just don't have a blog or myspace page to link.... because I don't have enough time on my hands for that.


eric from bk again said...

Oh yeah, and I'm not anonymous! I just don't have a blog or myspace page to link.... because I don't have enough time on my hands for that.


Nellie Ann said...

I love it when people with "not much free time" take the time out of their "busy schedules" to post shitty comments on a blog that they supposedly don't even enjoy that much. And hey, if you're really lucky, they'll even post some of them twice. THAT'S how savvy they are! Phew....he showed YOU!

John Athayde said...

We used get these all the time at nancies.org and we had the issue that no one could write in proper English. Hell, they couldn't write in even remotely decent English. It was as if our entire readership worked at an Indian call center. That or it seems they sent the email via text messaging.

I've had this from clients too. NB: Clients do not appreciate when you correct their (lack of) language skills.

But then again, I play in a band. WTF do I know?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy (not anonymous) from Gettysburg said...

Here's my "blog within an (anti-)blog" take:

I first saw Alison on "Boiling Points", and was immediately blown away by how "easy on the eyes" she was/is... Yet, when you take the time to read about the things she does for various charities, you begin to realize that she is far more than just another pretty face- she has a good heart.

Last year around Christmas, I made a mix cd for Alison, not a "heavy-duty, kinda creepy if you don't know the person" mix tape, and emailed her to see if she would be cool with providing me an address to send it to her. Not only did she take the time to email me back, but she also provided me with her FUSE address (which was cool, since I'm just some totally random dude).

Now, I don't know if she ever listened to it, or if it became a coaster, tossed in the trash, etc. But the fact remains that she took the time to respond, and that, at least to me, means something.

I fully understand that everyone is going to have their opinions, and it's easy to talk shit via the clickety-clack of a keyboard. However, anyone one that uses a phrase such as "bee's knees" fuckin' rules... But what the hell do I know- I think "Your Love" by The Outfield is one of the greatest summer songs of all time. Word.

Anonymous said...

Could it be, perhaps, that those who do think "your wonderful,hilarious and so pretty", just aren't that smart?

Anonymous said...

An "OCD Addendum"--

It wasn't last Christmas, it was Christmas circa 2005.


Anonymous said...

The people who are too dumb to craft a grammatically correct complement are the ones who aren't smart enough to realize that you already knew how great you were. The smart folks know that you know, but don't like it when people are better than them, so they try to bring everyone down to their level. They're not really being mean, they're just working inside of their egalitarian ideals. It's just too bad that reality isn't fair. But, thems's cause shor is noble.

Anthony Fantastic said...

Dear Alison,

You're the new hottest woman on The Planet (Earth).

The Planet (Earth)

Alison Becker said...

hey, eric! if you aren't anonymous, give me your email. or, better yet, here's mine...abecker99@hotmail.com
send me an email and let me know who you are! thanks!

walkinggrafitti said...
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walkinggrafitti said...

I've been following this post, afraid to comment because of my admittedly poor grasp of my native language. However, I just wanted to point this out. If a word like egalitarian is in your vocabulary, then perhaps you should know when to use compliment vs. complement. But hey, what do I know.....I work in the oil field.

Nate in milwaukee said...

so i was watching the top 40 of 2007 countdown on vh1 this evening, and i just have to say... you have the greatest dimples i've ever see! better than ac slater (thats saying alot cuz that guy had some serious dimples)! i always see you on tv and i thought, what the hell, i'm gonna find out who this pretty lady is! (gotta love the internet) and low and behold, you have this crazy blog! so... yeah, thats about it, your gorgeous, funny and........ i love you? maybe i dont love you, but will you marry me? i'm sure i could grow to love you. if its meant to be, go to a chinese restaurant tomorrow and get a fortune cookie. my phone number will be inside. call me!

JZ said...

Laziness manifests itself in weird ways on the "internets" doesn't it? "Your great" and "You're awful" don't really help too much eh? Just wait till someone makes a wikipedia page for you. Who knows what grammatical mayhem your growing legion of fans may wreck upon it seeking to give you praise. I remember seeing Michelle Bonner's (the ESPN sportscenter anchor) page once a year or so ago and it all it said was "She is rally hawt and has real big bewbs". Thankfully her page has much more substantive content on it now.

I first heard of you for the first time on the Top 40 of 2007 on VH1 tonight, probably because I never watch any of the programs I saw listed on your webpage (my mistake for thinking Top 40 of 2007 would be complete music videos. What happened to all those horrible VH1 Meatloaf videos I used to laugh at?). At any rate you and your humor were the reason I ended watching a show I didn't really like (It's well done , just not my thing). Well that Chuck Nice guy was pretty amusing too. But your wit was more amusing than even his!:-)

At any rate I'm sure you know that you are very pretty as well and that people you actually know whose opinions actually count have told you that you are very talented. Witty and Pretty is a pretty killer combo :-) Best of luck to you in your career.

oh and your great ;-)

JZ said...

and now I just read that you have a pet peeve about emoticoms. Awesome, I only used them in all my comments I think. Sorry about that.

anyway nice blog too, gave me some good stuff to read instead of doing inventory like I'm supposed to be doing at 5AM.

SpiltMilk said...

You honestly get hateful comments on how you choose to hold the microphone? I think that actually might be too amazing to feel bad about. Incredible!

Jason K said...

Hi Alison!

It was almost love at first sight since I first saw you on Boiling Points. You're like the hottest girl EVER. Also, your improv is ridiculously good, and you're funny as hell overall. Thanks for being a perfect 10! I wish they came out with a boiling points DVD so I could see more of you.