Saturday, November 3, 2007

No, I'm Going as a DOUBLE Hypocrite

As per my blog post from October 21st (below), this year for Halloween, I was not at all sexy.

I went as the "BOOBonic Plague." A pun on the bubonic plague, I was wearing a dress made of rags, furry boots, and I was covered in rats that had little boobs glued on them. I blacked out a tooth and covered my face in black smears of dirt. I did not look sexy at all.

Surely, I thought, my creativity and wit would draw attention away from the cleavage, midriffs, short skirts, Playboy bunnies, and sexy pirate girls that surrounded me.

And yet, not only did NO ONE figure out my pun (I got a lot of this: "Are you homeless?") less than 3 of my male friends looked at me with confused eyes and asked why I wasn't dressed sexier.

And, even more friends said, "I can't talk to you with that blacked out tooth."

WTF, people?

However, my "homme du jour" did tell me that I looked cute. I think I'll keep him.

Either that, or next Halloween, I am dusting off the old push-up bra. Fuck it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like your use of puns. I think they're really PUNny!!!
It sucks, though, that people didn't understand your costume (Perhaps sexy trumps creativity!?!). I guess it's kinda like having to explain a joke, and, in the process of explaining, everything just goes to hell. Any pictures of you sans tooth?

Take care and f*!k the haters...and emoticons.