Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Great Big Thank You

I went to Brooklyn to watch the New York City Marathon today.

It always gets me teary eyed to see complete strangers cheering on other complete strangers. It reminds me of that post-9-11 camaraderie that blanketed New York for a few months, when strangers hugged strangers and you couldn't find an asshole within 20 miles.

Here's what blows my mind, though. When we'd yell out "Go Andrea!" or "Good job, Riccardo!" or "You're DOING it, Jayne!" the runners would actually look at us, smile, and say "Thank you!"

Uhhhh.....DUUUUUDE! You're. running. a. marathon!

I think you can put the courtesy on pause for a second and save your breath...while you finish running.

...that MARATHON.

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Anonymous said...

I think it would be funny to pick a number at random that will be worn by one of the runners and get a large contingency of people with signs in support of that runner's number and later on in the race a large contingency of people with signs against that runner's number. They'd either find it very surreal or very disheartening. If the latter, and the runner breaks down and sobs, cheers are probably in order from the detracting contingent.