Monday, November 5, 2007

Dreams Really Do Come True

This is an uber-late post, but if you get a chance to dvr the Vh1 Top 20 Video Countdown tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, you will get to see one of my dreams come true.

Here are some hints:
jon bon jovi

Well, not so much "hints" as "exactly what happened."

I am still reeling...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if that was what you would refer to as "making out," I wonder what you think "having sex" means...perhaps something akin to an Eskimo nose-rub? :-) (sorry, couldn't resist that emoticon)

Anonymous said...

Can he get arrested for that - isn't he like 1000 years old? He probably uses more "product" than you. I really like his new man-do, too. Did you get to meet his ugly sister, Richina Sambora? His new single is awful and is better suited for a Chevy Truck commercial.