Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Alarm Clock Ever

If you live in a place like Albuquerque, Dallas, or Palm Springs, then you may have heard me on the radio this morning. I just finished a radio tour, and I have to say, there is NO better way to wake up a groggy mind than talking to six, overzealous, loud, bubbly, radio morning DJs.

Of course, there's also no better way to slowly drive yourself insane.

But, hey, at least you're awake.


Plopculture - an inside look into the inside said...

hey word on the street is you are coming to an event i am doing friday in santa monica. will be great to have you there. i work with alana kelen and esther pak (no longer at vh1) frequently. i've even sent some stuff for you i do believe ;)

hope to see you friday!

Wylie said...

Speaking of alarm clocks and weird coincidences/unintentional stalker-ish comments, I actually saw you just a little while ago in Larchmont. You were having coffee. I was like, hey that girl has dimples just like AllisWHOA. Anyway, I would've stopped to give you props and have an awkward exchange but I was talking to my mom on my cellphone about getting my employer to hook me up with health insurance.

Yeah. Pretty cool story.

And then I stabbed a guy and found twenty dollars on the sidewalk.