Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"The assembly of this product requires two adults."

Today I learned that when Crate & Barrel prints the above sentence in their furniture assembly instructions, it is NOT, as I first thought, to piss off a single girl who doesn't HAVE a second adult to help her.

Instead, it is there because it is almost impossible to assemble the product with one person.


I mean, my finger is bleeding and I can't move my back right now, but you can bet your ass that I have a new kitchen island.


walkinggrafitti said...

I need to have some kitchen cabinets installed. Busy next weekend?

Jason said...

You need a boyfriend...but I think you've heard that before.

If not, read the above.


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely NO effin' way that you are single- it's just not possible. Anyway, have yourself a good Thanksgiving, and be thankful that you have a "homie" (even though you say you don't).