Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tears for Fears

I've heard that the only full days are those in which you both laugh and cry.

This past weekend, I cried when I read a new friend's children's book about a dog dying. Wowsers.

Then, I laughed my ass off when the horn in the rental car went off with no warning....and we couldn't turn it off...as we drove through a quiet beach town.

As for you, I recommend the following activities to fulfill your daily laughter/tear quota:

-Write a letter with your opposite hand.
-Go to Jamba Juice and give a fake name.
-Punch an annoying Upper East Side chick in the face. HARD.
-Drive drunk.
-Google an ex.

-Google an ex.
-Watch Extreme Home Makeover.
-Sit in your room by yourself and listen to that Colin Hay song on the Garden State soundtrack. Seriously. It will make you think of someone, and I fucking DARE you not to cry.
-Watch An Inconvenient Truth.
-Pour salt directly onto your eyeball.


walkinggrafitti said...

what is it with you and upper east side chicks?? Having never met one myself, is there something I should know??

Alison Becker said...

o...that's just my generic term for a materialistic city chick with a PhD (as in "papa has dough"). but that doesn't mean that all UES chicks are like that...or, that you have to live in the UES to be like that. it's just fun to think that they all do live there. so, if there were ever a quarantine needed to prevent the dangerous and unnecessary spread of kate spade handbags, we could feasibly make it happen.

Anonymous said...

so fucking weird. I'm reading this while listening to "I don't think I'll ever get over you"

It draws a tear every time for many reasons