Monday, October 8, 2007

American Idol?

Seriously, America? Are we really liking Daughtry? And, who names their band "Daughtry?" You're not Eddie Van Halen, dude.

"Daughtry" sounds like the name of a bad English pub on a street of good Indian restaurants.

"Hey guys! Wanna go to Daughtry's tonight, drink some So-Co and lime shots, and maybe date rape some chicks?"


Jerell said...

He's no J Gelis Band either. (I watch a lot of VH1 Classic)

rmcevoy8800 said...

hey i like daughtry, i mean at least he's better than panic at the disco, or nick kroll, or carrie underwood. but def can not touch kelly clarkson in terms of that girl is the best american idol. daughtry-but the name could use a working on.