Sunday, August 12, 2007

Non-Rich Person Dilemma

Rich people probably fly first class all of the time, so there's nothing special about it for them.

But, I rarely fly first class. So, when I do, I want to take advantage of every hot towel, every free glass of wine, and every smug look to the people in coach.

Unfortunately, I can get pretty motion sick on planes, so I tend to sleep. But, if I'm in first class, I'll miss everything!

This past week, I flew in first class, and I was wrestling with this dilemma. Is it better to sleep through luxury and miss the whole thing, or to risk being mildly nauseated while being pampered?


walkinggrafitti said...

As a frequent coach flier, every time I get the chance to upgrade to first class, I take em for everything they've got!! Hope you did too!!!

Anonymous said...

i like turtles

Paris Hilton said...

Try doing blow.