Wednesday, April 11, 2007

License to Drive

I need to explain my driver's license photo because everyone always comments on how stupid I look in it. Every time I get a new license, I want to recreate the photo from one of the best movies ever made, License to Drive. Corey Haim makes the best face in his picture. But, when you're at the DMV, they don't really want you to do an "open mouth" pose. Plus, there's a delay when the guy takes the photo. My strategy was to time it so that when the delay ended, I would make the Haim face for a split second, the photo would take, and I'd be golden. But, I mis-timed it, and I wound up with the face that happens the second after I made the Haim face...which is just an idiotic, eager, surprised smile. But, next time...I will totally nail it.


SpiltMilk said...

Hahahahahaha. You're the best. I can't believe there aren't 5 million people commenting on your blog.

Gil said...

you looks cute in you photo!!!