Thursday, March 29, 2007

There Is No Way That Anyone Will Ever Get a Better Email from an Ex-Boyfriend Than the One I Just Received.

"had to do an embarrassing interview with playboy today. one question was whether anyone had nicknamed my penis. i had to tell them about the gustavo thing. hope that's cool."


morris said...

why do you think that all your mundane baggae is so entertaining? it is cool that you enjoy your life and its experiences, but offensive that you think they are that funny. i actually do think that are many more interesting emails that one can get from an ex. do you think you are the only person that ever did that? or the only one that is friendly with an ex? where did you get your ego?

Anonymous said...

dude, awesome neg! now she's totally going to email you, and you'll get in this heated exchange, and she'll think you dont like her, and will want to totally win your respect, and then, and then, it'll be just like that nora ephron movie. brilliant.