Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Price Is Right, Bitch

I went to a taping of the Price Is Right.

Wait, what?

Yeah, that's right, motherfuckers. It happened! We were a group of 20 believers who proudly wore our identical t-shirts and famous price-tag name tags. It was awesome. Brilliant. Life-altering.

In all seriousness, if you have the chance to attend this show, do it. And, do it now because Bob Barker is retiring! The people you meet that day will forever change your outlook on America. And they make it so exciting, that you will never be so genuinely psyched to be somewhere. I promise.

Highlights of the day: When one of the girls from our group got called to "Come on down!" And, the best part was during a commercial break when Bob asked our group where we were from.
We said, "The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre."
And, then, Bob said, "The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre? ...Sounds like a bunch of drunks to me!"


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