Monday, February 12, 2007

New Word; Use It!

I'm coining a new term. I just thought of it: "hip."

Dude who hides the fact that he is married while he tries to flirt with you. May also be extended to girls who do the same, or even to those hiding the fact that they have a significant other, even if it's not a spouse.

Origin: hip, or h.i.p, abbreviation for "hand in pocket," from the action a married man performs to hide his wedding band as he's talking to you.

Example: That hip totes made like he was avail, but then his bitch came over and was all up on him.

I'm also thinking about extending it to verb form, as in: Bro, keep your guard up with that cutie, 'cause I think she's hippin'.


Heather said...

Ohmigahd! I am having a nervy b because a guy was totes hipping on me!

Drue said...

This is great!

Verb form really fills out
the whole thing....

chudpi said...
You can add your definition, which is one of the more original ideas I've heard of late.

-dead blogger.