Saturday, January 27, 2007

Not Getting It

When I rent cars, I always try to rent hybrids. They're much better (or rather, much less worse) for the environment than normal cars.

The last time I rented one, I was at the rental car desk, and the representative slipped into his sales mode:

"Oh! I see you're renting a hybrid! You know, that's only one step below our highest class. I could upgrade you for FREE to an SUV!"

Um, is someone missing the point?


saltydog said...

that is good. I wish more people would realize that this is a big issue. And then they would actually donate to global warming organizations to help out.

Alison Becker said...

totally! and, remember there's so much we can do in our every day switch your light bulbs to energy efficient ones. and, if you must drive, try a hybrid! and, vote for politicians who care about the world we are leaving for our children.