Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm Selling Out

When I went to Wake Forest, I had my own radio show, and I used to go to a lot of concerts. A LOT. Most often, I would go with my good pal Peter. Peter and I went to Ani shows when he was the only dude in the audience. We went to ska shows before anyone had heard of No Doubt, let alone Gwen. And, if Green Day were anywhere within 200 miles of Winston-Salem, NC, you could bet your sweet ass we'd be there. Since high school, I had loved every minute of their 3 power chord punk mantras.
In fact, Peter was with me the last time I saw Green Day live. They were still playing small venues, but things had already started to change. I remember being outraged because the ticket price was a whopping $25 instead of $7. And, when they started to play "Welcome to Paradise" (the song that they'd start every show with, and I think they still might), I looked around and realized that not only was I not being moshed by pierced punks twice my size, but Peter and I were the tallest people there.
This isn't much of a feat for Peter, who stands well over 6 feet, but at 5'4", I felt a little strange. I looked around and realized that the average age in the room must have been 13. At the time, I was mature enough to find this amusing, but I was young enough - and still sentimentally tied to this band - that this really began to piss me off. How had Green Day - the punk rock kings of anti-establishment - screwed over Look Out Records and embraced the big label bling and toned-down rock anthems? How did they suddenly have a suburban following of preppy preteens? I remember making eye contact with Mike Dirnt and mouthing the words "SELL OUT" over and over until he saw me and mouthed them back.
At the end of the show, Peter and I left and marveled at all of the soccer moms lined up outside waiting to pick up their kids. At the time of that show, I was full of late teen/early 20s angst. I was so angered that a band that really spoke to me could sell out so easily.
Years later, I still listen to Green Day. In fact, I think American Idiot is one of the best albums in the past 10 years.
What's the point of all of this? Well, sometimes people sell out. And, you have to forgive them. And thusly, i am announcing my new blog. It's here. On this super-fancy corporate funded institution. If you've read my blog from the beginning, you'd know that this is exactly what I was petitioning thousands - no millions - of readers to fight against. And yet, here we are.
But, I ask you to forgive me. As I have forgiven Green Day. Because, let's face it: they still make some pretty good music. And, I still have enough punk rock in me to admit that Billie Joe can still give me a girl boner.


Heather said...

If you are five foot four, than I am six feet tall.

Alison Becker said...

would you accept 5'3"?

Heather said...

Hmm. Maybe. We'll have to stand back to back.

HeyBitches341 said...

how exactly does a girl boner work?! i dont understand this phenomena.

chudpi said...

Funny you should say.
I got fed up with blogspot myself and moved to wordpress. Much nicer and non-corporate.

-dead blogger

luna said...

you do know that ska was around WAY before no doubt... but if that is your only reference point then you don't know what you are talking about. have you even heard of the specials. it sucks because you are comparing yourself to 13 year olds. ani shows? you are so lame. what do you do again? we get it. your aunt and sister think you are funny, a career that does not make

Ramiro-san said...

I just think that if anything green day started selling out when they came out with "the time of your life' song, everything before that was money. and oh yah I used to be heybitches, and saltydog, but i changed my name, cuz my email address expired

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I might be bitter because I'm probably 20 yrs older than you, but I thought Green Day sold-out from the get go. You don't normally hear anti-establishment, hardcore bands on top 40 radio. I grew up during the REAL punk era and Green Day would've been considered douchebags back in the day! Come talk to me after you've slam danced to the Ramones or Black Flag or weré there when the Chili Peppers and Janes Addiction were playing small shows. I never saw any of them in a football stadium. No Doubt - please that's psuedo ska (the Specials were THE Ska Band). Also, my 8 year asked me to download Greenday, the other day. It's okay, though, I experienced the same thing when I was your age with U2. I thought they we're all political and cool and was so into "War" and now Bono is all over the place and their music sucks. Just know this, "you gotta a lot of growin' up to do." I forgive you for selling out (um, VH1?) Regardless, you seem sweet, funny, kind hearted, so that makes up for how nieve you still are!

Alison Becker said...

Um.....You mean NAIVE?